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Welcome to StarData

Die StarData GmbH is an IT Service provider based in Germering, near Munich, Germany, specialised in the development of distributed systems (internet capable and object oriented), process-, data-management, as well as code generation. StarData GmbH owns self developed Know-how and Software, which was developed internally or in collaboration with Partners. more...


TLGen v3.1

April, 2015

TLGen Version 3.1 is ready and capable to be used within projects. All that TLGen is ready to generate automatically is summarized on the TLGen-Homepage. You can find a extensive and detailed documentation in the StarData-Download-Area or on the TLGen-Homepage.

CodGen v1.0

April, 2015

CodGen Version 1.0 is a generation language helping when generating source code and is described on the CodGen-Homepage. You can find a extensive and detailed documentation in the StarData-Download-Area or on the CodGen-Homepage.

Partner search

April, 2015

For the distribution and sales of the own developed Code-Generator TLGen we are searching for business partners able to contact us here: Contact

ProduktCodGen Logo

CodGen is a generation source code language. This programming language works over two levels, a graphical one, responsible for the the representation of the generated source code and a control level for the program instructions (statements).
CodGen transforms and generates your ideas in production ready POJO code (e.g. java, c++ etc.) just by your input data (you define!) and a script processing language (CodGen). Just like a blackbox, feed it with information and define the use of the data. Just as simple as it sounds!

ProduktTLGen Logo

With TLGen a new and finally simple approach for the persistence layer generation is possible. TLGen enters the arena of Hibernate Frameworks and plays a major leading role.
Bundling the MDA (Model Driven Architecture) and CASE (Computer Aided Softwareengineering) approaches TLGen offers new possibilities of the persistence layer generation in combination with major time and cost reductions through a flexible project management.