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TLGen is a code generator, based upon the domain-or database models in connection with a configuration file which generates automatically the back end source code (Persistence layer,, Data-classes) together with Client- and Test-Classes in J2EE Standard (EJB 3.x). TLGen is a generator which combines the benefits of the MDA (Model Driven Architecture) as well as CASE (Computer Aided Software engineering) approaches. With TLGen we provide you the opportunity to essentially reduce project time and effort oft he project team.

Advantages of TLGen Usage

Project carry out effort / cost reduction

In IT-project development cycles actually parts are generated sequentially "Design-Architecture", "Program Coding", "Database Generation" as well as "Generation of Test Classes". By using TLGen all of these parts can be generated within one single process.

Logic Optimization

When logic failures occur there is no need any more to fix all single steps, in order to correct the fault in extensive team work. Only the adaptation of the Domain model is sufficient andTLGen generates the code of all the single steps automatically.

Project Course in one Pour

Complex team sizes and connected to that coordination effort ceases to apply; the code generation must not be divided, providing and allowing a continuous development cycle.

Advantages vs. actual solutions :
  • Separation of functionality vs.Techniques
  • Starting Point: Unique Domain Model (UML)
  • Project control over Domain Model (UML)
  • Logic is in the foreground
  • Code-Generation based on newest J2EE-Standard (EJB 3.x) – no Framework-constraint
  • No drift apart of model and developed source code
  • Reduction of Project Time
  • Refactoring of Legacy-Systems

CodGen Logo

Source code Generation Language

CodGen is a computer language for program code generation. CodGen transforms and generates your ideas in production ready POJO code (e.g. java, c++ etc.) just by your input data (you define!) and a script processing language (CodGen). Just like a blackbox, feed it with information and define the use of the data. Just as simple as it sounds!

Advantages of CodGen Usage

  • Cost effective maintenance and further development ba means of intelligent architecture
  • Separation of functionality vs.Techniques
  • Reduced cost for optimal solutions
  • Simplification of mass handling
  • Easy change of source code design

EFP - Enterprise Framework Programming

EFP (Enterprise Framework Programming) is a Framework for the support of complex Software-Application developments based upon StarData-Products.

AnDiMed - Analyze Diagnose Medical

AnDiMed is a software in the middle of the development stages for the coputer aided analysis of medical diagnosis with a complex and intelligent code structure.